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Facial Recognition Pro Package

Pro Package Includes:
This package compares an alleged father’s face to a child’s face. We allow you to anonymously submit your photos. Once you submit your photos on the App the calculations are completed, and a technician will complete a 2nd manual review of the calculations. This process offers a more detailed report and increased accuracy. The Pro Package offers priority speed in completing your results. Results generally report out a few hours after submitting the photos. Pro Package covers these 20 features: Face Shape, Eyebrow Shape, Eye Shape, Nose Shape, Ear Shape, Lip Shape, Mouth Shape, Cheek Shape, Head Shape, Chin Shape & Skin Tone. You’ll supply answers to Hereditary Characteristics related to: Widow’s Peak, Dimples, Freckles, Hair Color, Eye Color, Earlobes, Connected Eyebrows & Blood Types. This package covers the facial scan and hereditary characteristics that can be passed through the father’s blood line. Results are easily accessible through the App and/or your email. Free phone consultation to review your results once you receive them to your email.
Result Duration: Same Day Results


May 2024