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High-Quality Analysis of Your Skin’s Performance

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it only makes sense to give it a little special care. Unfortunately, figuring out how to give your skin the care it needs can be more of a challenge than you may realize. Though numerous products exist, designed for skins of different types and needs, you may still face confusion about what to use in your skincare routine. With our skin care DNA analysis and report, anybody can gain the insight they need to begin choosing the best products possible to keep their skin in the best condition possible. Ready to learn more? Call Choice DNA Testing today at (800) 219-4362.

Identifying Your Top Skin Concerns

There is more to keeping your skin healthy and strong than simply ensuring it stays clean, and it should be that way. Every individual’s skin is made up of several different components, each of which has its own individual needs. With our Skin Care DNA analysis and report, we examine your skin’s genetic profile, gathering information about skin concerns including:

All of this information will be contained in a report that is simple to read and is easily available online.

Treatment Recommendations for Your Skin Care Needs

Within the report your receive with your DNA testing, you will receive a list of personalized treatment recommendations. These recommendations will include a range of products designed to meet your specific skincare needs based on your unique genetic profile. Included in your recommendations, you will be able to find a variety of topical ingredients to be applied directly to the skin including options such as hyaluronic acid and green tea extract, among others. Also included in your report, find information on supplements capable of offering you the nutrients required for your own optimal skincare – products such as circumin and fish oil. And finally, learn more about the professional treatments that can benefit from you, from chemical peels to fillers.

Receive Your Skin Care DNA Testing and Report

Our Skin Care DNA analysis and report offers an easy testing process. This non-legal DNA testing can be completed either at home or in the office for an additional $50 with results available in 28-30 days. Additionally, you can learn more about your skin and body overall with DNA analysis including Pet and Food Sensitivity and Healthy Weight Analysis. If you are ready to begin learning more about your skin SO you can give it the care it needs, reach out to Choice DNA Testing at (800) 219-4362.

$130 Skin DNA Lifestyle (28 – 30 days to complete)

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