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Genetic Insight Into Your Family’s Past

Though many of us are curious about where we came from, stories about our ancestry have a tendency to become lost over time. This leads to a lack of insight into the countries each of our ancestors originated in and where within those countries each was from. However, it’s possible to find those stories again with modern-day DNA analysis. You can learn more about this ancestry DNA report by calling us today at (800) 219-4362.

Pinpoint Accurate Information on Ancestry

With our GPS Origins service, you will receive DNA testing and an ancestry report capable of pinpointing your ancestry down to the individual towns and villages where multiple ancestors met. This service is made possible through the testing of over 80,000 autosomal genetic markers and 41 gene pools. All of these markers are cross-checked against over 1000 reference populations, allowing us to identify with incredible accuracy the route your ancestors took to get to where your family is today.

What You Will Find in Your Report

With your GPS Origins DNA analysis, you receive a full report detailing your ancestry. This includes information on both your maternal and paternal lineages, all detailed down to the last three locations where a family’s DNA signature underwent significant changes. Also included in the report are many stories to help you understand the history of these locations and factors that contributed to the movement of your ancestors over time, including wars, famines, and other significant events. All reports are made available online, making them easy to read and ensuring you do not lose your GPS Origins DNA analysis results. The report includes interactive maps, allowing you to zoom in on the locations within the report for even greater insight.

Quality Ancestry DNA Testing and Analysis

We offer our GPS Origins DNA analysis in a simple format requiring only a standard cheek swab. Testing can be done at home or in an office for an additional $50, and results of testing are available in under 30 days. Are you interested in gaining more insight into the precise locations of your ancestors? If so, reach out to Choice DNA Testing today by calling (800) 219-4362.

$175 GPS Origins DNA Testing (28 – 30 days to complete)

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May 2024