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To ensure the accuracy of the results, a DNA test accepted in court follows extensive protocols and paperwork. Science has validated the statistical calculations used to determine the likelihood of a relationship. You can present the findings of DNA testing that are acceptable in court as significant evidence since you have total faith in their accuracy and objectivity. Put your trust in the knowledgeable staff at ChoiceDNA Labs when you require precise, dependable findings that can withstand scrutiny in court. Our certified laboratory and skilled personnel follow all guidelines and uphold a flawless chain of custody for legal DNA testing.

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How Genetic Justice System Works?

The court may request a DNA test to support or refute the alleged father’s assertion that the child is not his. Biological ties are legally established through a paternity test recognized by the court. A Declaration of Paternity will be given upon the results of a DNA test conducted on the mother, the presumed father, and the kid, confirming that the two are, in fact, the child’s parents. This implies that every parent’s typical rights and obligations will apply to both parties. This implies that the non-custodial parent must pay child support, half of the uninsured medical expenses, and other duties.


Legal DNA Testing Options

A legal DNA paternity test still follows official procedures for collection and recording in optional cases. The outcomes may be utilized in court cases if necessary.
Legal tests must be collected from an authorized location. For ease of access, ChoiceDNA has testing facilities across the United States. Furthermore, to determine paternity before delivery, courts have the authority to mandate non-invasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP) throughout the gestation period. ChoiceDNA uses advanced NIPP testing to establish paternity with 100% accuracy and no pregnancy risk. Unambiguous proof of paternity is provided via a court-ordered NIPP, guaranteeing that the child’s legal rights are upheld before birth. ChoiceDNA also offers another DNA test, suggesting an alternative approach if the potential father of the child is absent or deceased. The procedure entails comparing the child’s DNA to those of other close biological relatives who are accessible, such as potential grandparents.

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ChoiceDNA offers an invaluable facility to any individual considering going further for a Legal DNA test. A free consultation is a chance to make a free phone call and get elaborate details about the entire process. It is a chance to clarify doubts and questions of privacy.

Mobile service.

ChoiceDNA recognizes the importance of ease and accessibility when DNA sampling is involved. To better serve our clients, we are glad to announce that we offer a mobile service that clients may use without traveling to our testing facilities. Our team will be at your doorstep or selected location at your convenience.


Customer Reviews

I was quite relieved to receive conclusive paternity results from ChoiceDNA as a single mother. I have the evidence I required for child support, thanks to the legal testing option. The procedure was inexpensive, simple, and fast. I'm really happy I chose ChoiceDNA.

Ishita Malhotra

I became aware of the numerous unresolved issues I had regarding my ancestry after my parents died. My technique to find that lineage and genetic history was through grandparent DNA testing from ChoiceDNA. The outcomes of the legal exam gave my children an inheritance and introduced me to my long-lost family.

Kylo James

I didn't want to use the incorrect surname on the birth certificate because my former spouse and I had split due to infidelity doubts. ChoiceDNA's official NIPP paternity test, undertaken while I was still pregnant, conclusively established my child's father. My child was born with the correct last name, all because of their non-invasive prenatal testing.

Ella Perez

The day i found out that I was adopted, I was looking for my real family. I had no idea where to begin, I was able to connect and identify with my grandparents and other family I didn't know existed thanks to ChoiceDNA's grandparent DNA testing. Their DNA testing for legal ancestry altered my life.

Elsie Ross

May 2024