How to do a DNA Collection

These easy steps will assist you in completing a home DNA collection using our collection kits or using your own collection supplies. These steps will also cover new collection techniques that minimize recollections due to a lack of DNA on the Q-TIP.

  1. 20160302_142443-1First, you’ll want to Label your swab envelopes. It’s easier to write on the envelope if you take the buccal swab, better known as the Q-Tips, out of the envelope. Be sure to use the appropriate envelope for each person tested. For example, child’s envelope for the child, alleged father’s envelope for father, etc. Write in the requested information asked on the envelope.
  2. Wrapper Q tip 2Next, you’ll want to collect the samples. Don’t worry, this part is easy and painless. Open the wrapper at the opposite end of the polyester tip. Remove one swab from the package and be careful not to touch the polyester tip. Be sure that your mouth is open wide. Insert a swab into the mouth and rub it firmly up and down inside the cheek for a full 30 seconds. Be sure to rotate the swab in efforts to collect cells on the entire swab tip. This helps reduce the need for recollection.
  3. 20160302_142443-1Remove the swab from the mouth and place it directly into the paper envelope labeled for that person. The swab will be wet and will get the envelope wet, but that’s completely normal and will dry within a few hours after the swab envelope is sealed. Contrary to some of your favorite television shows, the laboratory is testing the cheek cells on the swab not the saliva. Repeat the swab collection process with the remaining swabs in that package for that person. Use 1 swab on the right cheek and 1 on the left cheek. After both swabs have been used, discard the wrapper and seal the paper swab envelope labeled for that person.
  4. Simply follow these steps for each person being tested.
  5. Complete and sign the client information form included with your DNA kit. These forms can be emailed to you if you’re using your own DNA collection supplies.
  6. 20160302_160435-1Lastly, the awesome thing about using Choice DNA Laboratory for testing is that our test includes free overnight return of your samples to the laboratory. Place all the collected parties swab envelopes, along with the completed Client Information Form, in the pre-paid envelope provided. 20160302_165044-1 Seal the shipping envelope securely. Depending on where you’re located within the country we may provide you with a UPS, Fedex or United States Postal label. Be sure to look at your return envelope and place it in the proper mailing receptacle.

We hope this information helps you complete your collection with ease. Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day at 800-219-4362.