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DNA Facial Pro Amazon

Pro Package Includes:

This package compares an alleged father’s face to a child’s face. We allow you to anonymously submit your photos. Once you submit your photos on the App the calculations are completed, and a technician will complete a 2nd manual review of the calculations. This process offers a more detailed report and increased accuracy. The Pro Package offers priority speed in completing your results. Results generally report out a few hours after submitting the photos. Pro Package covers these 20 features: Face Shape, Eyebrow Shape, Eye Shape, Nose Shape, Ear Shape, Lip Shape, Mouth Shape, Cheek Shape, Head Shape, Chin Shape & Skin Tone. You’ll supply answers to Hereditary Characteristics related to: Widow’s Peak, Dimples, Freckles, Hair Color, Eye Color, Earlobes, Connected Eyebrows & Blood Types. This package covers the facial scan and hereditary characteristics that can be passed through the father’s blood line. Results are easily accessible through the App and/or your email. Free phone consultation to review your results once you receive them to your email.

Face DNA Testing Methodology:

Possibility of relationship is determined by calculating the Total Possible Match Locations with the Actually Match Locations found by comparing both pictures and any hereditary characteristic information submitted. The objective in proving relationship is to rank as high as possible with each section of the Total Possible Match Locations. The lower the Actual Match Location the less likely the two individuals are related. These numbers are tabulated into a graph format. After calculating the findings, if the Total Match Percentage is under 50% this would suggest that the two parties analyzed would NOT share relationship. If the number is over 50%, it would strongly suggest relationship. In either case a recommendation to follow up with an actual DNA paternity test may be suggested.

Layman Terms: If your results are over 50% that would suggest that the two people are related. The closer you get a 100% match, the more likely the two people are related.

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September 2023