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We Offer Fast, Reliable, and Court-admissible DNA Testing.

Legal DNA Testing
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DNA Tests in Shively, Kentucky

Do you want to establish the paternity of your child with the alleged father while you’re still pregnant? Or do you wish to determine your biological relationship with your alleged family members?

Choice DNA offers the most extensive DNA Testing and Legal Paternity DNA Testing in Shively, Kentucky in more than 9 locations. Call us now at (800) 219-4362. If you're pregnant you can get your child’s DNA analysis done as soon as 7 weeks into your pregnancy and get the test results in as little as 3 working days all at the most affordable prices by getting a paternity test in Kentucky!

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Non Legal Sibling Office Test (2 Siblings Full Or Half)
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Non Legal Grandparent Office Test (1 grandparent, 1 child)
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Non Legal Avuncular Office Test (1 Aunt or Uncle, 1 Child)
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Reliable DNA Testing – Choice DNA

Discover the Truth with Choice DNA - Unveiling Identities, Embracing Certainty

At Choice DNA, we recognize the significance of uncovering the true biological father of your child, and we are here to offer you a prompt and precise solution through our paternity testing services. Our team of dedicated experts employs a non-invasive cheek swab technique that guarantees an impressive accuracy rate of 99.9%. 

We prioritize attention to detail throughout the entire testing process, enabling us to determine with absolute certainty whether the alleged father is indeed the biological father of your child.

Further, we take immense pride in our comprehensive evaluation methods, which adhere to all necessary medical standards. This ensures that our findings hold legal validity and can be presented as evidence in court, providing you with the reassurance and confidence you rightfully deserve.

Types of DNA Tests You Will Encounter at Choice DNA

Aside from our DNA paternity tests, we are capable of the following: 

  • Infidelity lab test
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing
  • Court-admissible DNA paternity test
  • Immigration testing
  • Ancestry lab testing

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

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What benefits will you receive with Choice DNA?

Here are some benefits you can expect with Choice DNA:

Convenient Testing: Flexibility and Ease for Your Convenience

Transparent Pricing: Clarity and Fairness Every Step of the Way

Fast and Reliable Results: Swift and Trustworthy Outcomes

Results reviewed and approved by multiple professionals for maximum accuracy.

DNA Testing Services in Shively

Located in the beautiful state of Kentucky, Shively is a vibrant city with a rich history and a promising future. As a part of Jefferson County, Shively offers a convenient and accessible location for various businesses. With a population of over 15,000 residents, the city boasts a diverse community that thrives on close-knit relationships and a strong sense of unity.

It has witnessed a steady increase in its birthrate, with an average of 300 newborns each year. This rise in birthrate correlates directly with the growing need for reliable and accurate DNA testing services.

Moreover, Shively has seen an increase in court admissible cases, infidelity cases, and instances where abnormalities in newborns have raised concerns. In such cases, non-invasive prenatal DNA testing has proven to be invaluable, providing answers and peace of mind to families. 

By aligning these statistics with the services offered by Choice DNA, a leading DNA testing laboratory, we can fulfill the pressing demand for accurate and trustworthy DNA testing effectively.

So, don't wait any longer. Take control of your genetic relationships today - contact Choice DNA for trustworthy DNA testing services.

How to schedule an appointment with Choice DNA? 

Scheduling an appointment with Choice DNA is a seamless and stress-free experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of our user-friendly website or prefer to speak directly with one of our experienced professionals, we have you covered. Simply reach out to us through our toll-free number, and our knowledgeable experts will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Home DNA Test Kit 

If you would like to conduct a DNA test from the comfort of your own home, Choice DNA has a solution that is both easy and straightforward - a DNA test kit. Our kit is user-friendly and can be easily purchased through our online store. Have yours now!

Additional Services We Offer

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