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Paternity test while pregnant in Florence – easy and painless

We offer non-invasive and simple DNA testing options.

Legal DNA Testing
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Non Legal Home Kit
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Non Legal Office Visit Test
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Noninvasive Prenatal NIPP
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DNA Tests in Florence, Arizona

Do you want to establish the paternity of your child with the alleged father while you’re still pregnant? Or do you wish to determine your biological relationship with your alleged family members?

Choice DNA offers the most extensive DNA Testing and Legal Paternity DNA Testing in Florence, Arizona in more than 1 locations. Call us now at (800) 219-4362. If you're pregnant you can get your child’s DNA analysis done as soon as 7 weeks into your pregnancy and get the test results in as little as 3 working days all at the most affordable prices by getting a paternity test in Arizona!

Choose the test that aligns perfectly with your needs!

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Non Legal Sibling Office Test (2 Siblings Full Or Half)
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Non Legal Grandparent Office Test (1 grandparent, 1 child)
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Non Legal Avuncular Office Test (1 Aunt or Uncle, 1 Child)
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Prenatal paternity testing in Florence, AZ

Known for its Victorian-era architecture and rich cultural heritage, Florence is a small town in Arizona with approximately 24,000 residents. This city has its historical roots and offers multiple opportunities to experience cultural and art events.

Florence’s rich cultural diversity reflects multigenerational backgrounds and makes people more interested in ancestry research. Families are more concerned here to confirm paternity with increasing legal paternity battles. All these requirements make room for genetic testing, and Choice DNA can fulfil these requirements professionally.

Considering legal documentation and private matters, our services are unique and diverse, just like Florence people's needs. Focusing on privacy and safety, we utilize simple techniques in our accredited laboratories and follow all safety measures. Bring clarity and peace of mind by putting your trust in Choice DNA, as we offer:

  • DNA paternity test
  • Court-ordered DNA test
  • Immigration DNA test
  • Infidelity lab testing
  • Ancestral lab testing
  • Drug testing
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • DNA test kits

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

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Non-invasive prenatal paternity test

Are you uncertain about paternity and want clarification early? Wait no more and choose our non-invasive prenatal paternity test. This powerful tool can determine biological ties between an unborn child and the father while the woman is pregnant. Our team focuses on the safety of the fetus and the mother; therefore, we employ a non-invasive method to retrieve samples. A cheek swab sample of the father is taken and sent to our team for a detailed comparison of both samples.

Reliable and definitive findings are shared with you within no time, allowing you to maintain clarity in your family connections. You can also get information on your child’s genetic susceptibilities to specific diseases, assisting you in making well-informed decisions regarding its health.

Perks of choosing Choice DNA

Confidentiality and privacy

Our genetic expert team handle each matter like their own and makes sure to follow all legal regulations and guidelines while performing analysis. Your results are delivered to you after seeing your specific ID privately and confidentially.

Mobile services

No more fatigue of lab visits for sample retrieval; we offer mobile services to collect your sample wherever you are comfortable. Our mobile service team is trained and experienced, providing the convenience of staying home and receiving the answers you are searching for.

Legally compliant outcomes

Legal proceedings demand legal and authentic evidence as proof of biological connections. Therefore, to legally support your claim, we provide lawfully admissible results by fulfilling all legal criteria and requirements.

Home DNA test kit

Trust our home DNA test kit in settling your paternity disputes at home with a clear understanding. You can get this super-friendly and pocket-friendly kit from our website. Contact us now and get all the answers you seek.

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