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Legal DNA Testing
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DNA Tests in Estelle, Louisiana

Do you want to establish the paternity of your child with the alleged father while you’re still pregnant? Or do you wish to determine your biological relationship with your alleged family members?

Choice DNA offers the most extensive DNA Testing and Legal Paternity DNA Testing in Estelle, Louisiana in more than 13 locations. Call us now at (800) 219-4362. If you're pregnant you can get your child’s DNA analysis done as soon as 7 weeks into your pregnancy and get the test results in as little as 3 working days all at the most affordable prices by getting a paternity test in Louisiana!

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Non Legal Sibling Office Test (2 Siblings Full Or Half)
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Non Legal Grandparent Office Test (1 grandparent, 1 child)
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Non Legal Avuncular Office Test (1 Aunt or Uncle, 1 Child)
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Reliable Paternity Test – Choice DNA 

Are you seeking a secure solution to confirm the paternity of your child even before birth? When uncertainty looms, Choice DNA steps in as your trusted partner. Our non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test offers you a precise and reliable way to establish paternity, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

With a proven track record and a 99.99% reliability rate, our laboratory stands as a beacon of assurance in your journey. We understand the importance of your concerns and pledge to provide you with results you can depend on.

In just 3 to 5 business days, Choice DNA equips you with the knowledge you need. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every step of the process. From the collection of samples to the meticulous analysis, we leave no room for doubt. 

Types of DNA Tests You Will Encounter at Choice DNA

Aside from paternity testing, we are also open for: 

  • Forensic DNA testing 
  • Non-invasive DNA prenatal DNA testing 
  • Immigration DNA Testing 
  • Relationship Testing

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

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What benefits will you receive with Choice DNA?

Unmatched Accuracy: Our state-of-the-art testing techniques and rigorous protocols ensure unparalleled precision in paternity testing. We leave no space for uncertainty, providing results that erase all doubt.

Seamless Convenience: Embrace the ease and privacy of our at-home DNA test kits, effortlessly gathering samples from the comfort of your own home.

Timely and Reliable: With our streamlined process, expect rapid turnaround times that deliver timely and dependable test results. Efficiency is our priority, guaranteeing the answers you need without unnecessary delays.

DNA Testing Services in Estelle 

Nestled in the heart of Louisiana, Estelle exudes a unique charm that resonates with its vibrant community. With its rich cultural heritage and warm atmosphere, this city captivates both residents and visitors alike.

Due to rising birthrate, this city is a prime location for Choice DNA. An increasing number of court-admissible cases and reported instances of infidelity underline the need for trustworthy DNA testing. 

Our unparalleled accuracy and swift results ensure that families here find the clarity they seek. So, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and take charge of your family's genetic journey now!

How to schedule an appointment with Choice DNA? 

Booking an appointment with Choice DNA is a hassle-free process. Whether you prefer to visit our website or give us a call, our friendly customer service representatives are always available to assist you. 

Paternity Test Kit 

If you are hesitant to visit a DNA testing facility, consider ordering our at-home DNA test kit. It's easy to operate, and you can do your own DNA analysis in the comfort of your home. Have yours now!

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