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Are pregnant but need DNA results immediately? Don’t know who is the biological father? You DON’T need to wait for the baby to be born. Find out by scheduling a local DNA collection from Choice DNA Laboratory. Get the most accurate results from an accredited laboratory. Moreover, this paternity DNA test is also applicable in the court of law as it provides 99.99% probability of paternity results. Don’t feel guilt or shame while taking this paternity test. It’s your right to know the truth. Schedule now and get a fresh beginning.

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Office DNA Testing

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Schedule now at an office near you.


Schedule an appointment now. You can schedule from in any State and Region even Internationally.

After placing your order we’ll call you to confirm each participant’s name and your desired collection location.

The next step would be the alleged father and child coming in to have their mouth swabbed. Living in different Cities won’t be a problem. We have just over 6,100 local clinics throughout the Country.

Your results will be emailed, mailed to your home and you’ll receive a phone call explaining the report.

People are raving about our trustworthy affordable DNA services...

Jason Hill
Jason Hill
Very friendly + professional staff.
China Babi
China Babi
This man Lawrence is the real mvp.. from beginning to end he answered all my questions thoroughly with also giving me alternatives and was very informational I appreciate him for his work this man needs a raise! Respectfully
Kendall Burton
Kendall Burton
I had to get a drug test for a job, the two women that helped me were very sweet and kind. The process was quick and easy and I was in and out within 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend coming here for a drug test.
Kontina Clark
Kontina Clark
Awesome service and awesome results!!! My family has really had a tough year and Jessica helped us tremendously! She was very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks to her, we can now work to create and build memories with my very first grandchild!!!
This company is the epitome of service. I would not suggest any other company to get a DNA test from. My case manager Ali was the kindest and most helpful person I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Go Choice DNA!
Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris
In and out very quickly. I arrived when it opened.

Your privacy is protected

We know the value of privacy. The use your personal data is well
guarded. As our entire process is completed securely. From handling Paternity DNA Test samples, payment information, to transferring it to the laboratory. Every step is done according to complete privacy protocols. We don’t sell your data. Put your trust in us and we won’t let
you down.


The mother needs to be at least 7 weeks pregnant.

No. In most cases, anyone can have a DNA test performed. In New York, however, a prescription from a doctor is required.

No. Completely harmless for both parties. In fact, new noninvasive technology allows us to test a baby’s DNA even before he or she is born. This is done by taking 2 valves of blood from the mother’s arm. The PhD will separate the mother’s DNA from the Child’s and create a profile for the baby. They then compare that profile to the alleged father to see if the two are related.

Results are given 3 ways. Remember you choose how you get your results. Phone call, email and copy to your home if you want. All at no extra cost.

Yes, completely. Your results will only be sent to whomever you specify, and you can also protect your files with a password. The packaging sent to your address is discreet, and your information will never be used for anything other than your DNA test and results.

This is not a problem at all. You can schedule each participant to be collected in different Cities if necessary. You won’t have to pay for testing fees twice.

Call (800) 219-4362. Any of our customer service experts will be happy to answer questions.

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