DNA Affiliate
Michelle Sampson

At Choice DNA, we work with highly trained and skilled sample collectors from across the country. DNA Affiliate Michelle Sampson is one of them; read on for more information about her experience as a DNA collector.

Michelle Sampson
photo of michelle sampson

Sample Collector & Forensic Consultant

Region: West South Central

Ms. Sampson will provide everything you need for DNA testing and will handle your job with skill. She has years of experience in sample collecting, customer service and general business.

She can be reached at:
Affiliate: Ms. Michelle Sampson
Phone: (800) 219-4362 ext. 922
Email: michelle1@ChoiceDNA.com
Website: www.ChoiceDNA.com/sampson

Below is a breakdown of our coverage area based on regions of the country. If you’d like to know more about our affiliates, contact us! We work with only top-notch DNA collection agents who are here to help you.

Choice DNA map

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