The Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Drug Testing Provides Numerous Benefits for Both Employers and Employees.

Employers and employees often persist at odds over the value of workplace drug testing. From the perspective of employers, drug testing acts as valuable source of screening for employees whose drug use could influence productivity or morale. Employees, on the other hand, often maintain that drug testing violates rights to privacy and creates an antagonistic work environment. Despite differences of opinion, drug testing comes with an assortment of inarguable benefits.

Safer Work Environment

This first advantage affects both employers and employees. Drug abuse can create a definitively unsafe work environment. Whether the drug use leads to mood swings, or the actual presence of illegal substances on the job, no one will argue for the inherent safety of illegal drugs. This becomes especially true for work environments that involve chemicals or heavy machinery.

Less Turnover

Employees with drug problems are much more likely to shuffle between jobs. With turnover rates more than 3x higher for those with drug problems, employers wind up spending more time and money on recruitment. High turnover also creates an unstable work environment that can have a wide-ranging effect on morale and productivity.


Naturally, drug testing will also act as a deterrent to potential drug users. Few people will actively seek to lose their own job, and openness about drug testing can provide all the convincing that many people need to abstain.

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Bad Service & DNA Testing

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, and avoided complaining about mistakes made to your meal for fear of retaliation? We’ve all heard the stories of disgruntled food service employees tampering with customers’ orders and unfortunately, this couple experienced it firsthand! 

In upstate New York, a couple went to a Chili’s location to eat. Their experience was less than stellar, as their food was under-cooked, and they didn’t receive their full order. They spoke with the waiter to let him know, and they asked for to-go drinks as they left. When they got to the car, they noticed something unpleasant in one of the drinks. Upon further inspection, it looked like spit, and a lot of it.

DNA Testing Food

Have You Ever Wondered If A Waiter Tampered With Your Food?

The couple returned to the restaurant and asked to speak with the waiter in question, but they were denied. The manager offered them coupons and a refund, while seemingly brushing off the ordeal.  So the couple called the police, and sent in the drink for testing at a DNA lab. Officers were able to obtain the waiter’s DNA with a warrant, and the DNA samples were compared.

Unsurprisingly, the waiter’s DNA was a match, and he pleaded guilty in court. He was charged with disorderly conduct, and was fined $125. The couple went on to sue the restaurant as well as the waiter for negligence.

If you ever find yourself in need of reliable DNA testing that will hold up in court, give us a call at 800-219-4362! Our services are fast, reliable, and completely accurate.




Three DNA Testing Surprises

DNA Testing

The Magic of DNA Testing Can Reveal Hidden Truths About Historical Ancestry.

DNA testing can reveal much about a person’s background. It’s not uncommon for the test to leave people surprised and confused, as it can reveal unexpected ancestral elements. For some populations around the world, DNA has revealed massive surprises. In fact, the results of a DNA test can sometimes force a re-evaluation of accepted history.

Icelandic Native Americans

A 2010 study of the DNA ancestry of Icelanders revealed about 80 people who shared Native American DNA. This suggests that, 500 years before the arrival of Columbus, Vikings explored North America and returned home with a Native American woman.

Chinese Romans

The small village of Liqian in northwestern China revealed a major secret through DNA testing. About two-thirds of the villagers can claim Caucasian origins, though no one quite understands why. The leading theory involves the so-called “Lost Legion” of Roman soldiers. After a catastrophic battle, the legion fled east, where they presumably became absorbed into the local population.

Cheddar Man Descendants

The so-called “Cheddar Man” is a 9,000-year-old skeleton found in England’s Cheddar Gorge. DNA testing of the skeleton’s teeth found three local descendants: two young students and a history teacher. The maternal line of this group is truly remarkable, as it persisted unbroken within the same general area.

Want to know the surprises that your DNA could reveal? Schedule DNA testing from Choice DNA at one of our 6,100 locations across the country. Our expert service can reveal the truth of your ancestry, with results typically available in just two to three days. To begin, give us a call 24/7 at __PHONE__.

The Benefits of Having a Relationship DNA Test

The Benefits of Having a Relationship DNA Test

A Relationship DNA Test Can Determine If You Are Related To Someone.

There are many reasons to get DNA testing; either you want to establish paternity or want to find out more about your ancestry, DNA testing can help determine these things. One of best tests is a relationship DNA test, which allows people to find out what kind of relationship they have with another person. Below are the benefits of having a relationship DNA test performed.

Sibling Testing

Sibling testing is a type of test is to help determine if two people are siblings. With our testing, we are able to determine not only if these individuals are related, but what genes they share, as well.

Twin Testing

We already know that twins are related but the point of the test is to verify if the twins are identical or fraternal. While some people believe that they can figure this out by looking at the children, a DNA test is the only sure way of knowing.

Grandparentage Testing

It might seem unusual to have a DNA test to establish grandparentage, but there are cases where if both parents are deceased and they want to determine if children are in fact related to them, they can use the DNA of both grandparents. This is just as good as a paternity DNA test.

Avuncular Testing

Avuncular testing refers to testing individuals to learn if they are the aunt or uncle of a child. Like the grandparentage DNA testing, avuncular testing is in place if the parents are deceased or unable to provide DNA testing; this test can provide familial proof.

If you are interested in relationship DNA tests, please call Choice DNA Testing today at 800-219-4362 for a free consultation.

4 Common Reasons for DNA Testing

4 Common Reasons for DNA Testing

The Most Common Reasons for DNA Testing

While we might not think that DNA testing could benefit us, there are situations in life where DNA testing is advantageous for a lot of people. Below are four common reasons for DNA testing.

Establish Paternity

This is one of the most common reasons for DNA testing out there. Say you are with child but you aren’t sure who the father is, a DNA test is a great way to find out who the biological father is and obtain child support. Or if there is a situation where a mother won’t let a father see his child, the father can request DNA testing to establish paternity and the right to see his child.

Rights To an Inheritance

If a mother or father passes away and there is the circumstance where unknown individual claims to be their child, DNA testing is used to determine if said person is really related to the deceased mother or father.

Find Out Ancestry

People have always been fascinated about where they come from and who their ancestors are. With ancestry DNA testing, people can find a link to their past and feel more connected to their ancestors.

Sibling Confirmation

Sometimes two people who think they are siblings will get DNA testing in order to confirm their relationship. However, sibling DNA test will not confirm who the father is; that is a completely separate DNA test that can be achieved with the permission and cooperation of said father.

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What Are Some of The Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing?

What Are Some of The Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing?

Know Some of The Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing.

If you are in the position of needing prenatal DNA testing but are unsure what to expect, Choice DNA Testing is here for you. While DNA testing can seem scary, the process is actually easy and straightforward. In order to give you better peace of mind about this type of test, there are benefits of prenatal DNA testing that you should know about.

Very Accurate

One of the best benefits of prenatal DNA testing is that it is completely accurate. How accurate? 99.9% accurate results. You never have to worry if the test is a fluke.

Completely Noninvasive

While we can test amniotic fluids to determine paternity, we have a more noninvasive approach. All we need are blood samples from the mother and father and we will be able to identify if the man who gave blood is the father.

Can Be Performed Quickly

Another one of the great benefits of prenatal DNA testing is that you don’t have to wait until you are 20 weeks pregnant. The test can be performed at about 9 weeks.

Free Gender Test

With a prenatal DNA test, you can find out the sex of your baby earlier than you would without a DNA test.

Proves Paternity

This is an easy, safe, and fast way to determine who the father of your baby is. Knowing who the father is can reduce a lot of stress.

Interested in a prenatal DNA test? Contact the experts at Choice DNA Testing today at 800-219-4362 for a safe and easy way to determine the paternity early on. 





Common Items That Can Cause a Failed Drug Test

Drug TestWhether you’re about to start a new job or you’ve been in the same position for quite some time, a drug test is inevitable for most companies. The reasons for having drug tests can vary. It can be pre-employment, which weeds out potential candidates that could pose a risk to certain work environments. Another reason is just for a reasonable cause, which helps maintain the safety of the work environment by deterring current employees from using recreational drugs. Either way, if your test comes back positive, you could lose out on an opportunity that you could have had or had already. Some may think, “As long as I stay away from drugs, I’m a

Some may think, “As long as I stay away from drugs, I’m a shoe-in!” That isn’t always the case. Truth be told, there are many foods and common items that can cause a failed a drug test and we’re here to tell you what some of them are.

  • Hemp Products – Hemp oil, seeds, milk, etc. all contain THC. And if you consume any of these on a regular basis, you could test positive. Unfortunately, the test can’t tell the difference between those and actual marijuana.
  • Ibuprofen – Ingesting this over the counter painkiller can cause you to test positive for marijuana, barbiturates, and a number of other substances. The best option is to just take a Tylenol instead.
  • Poppy Seeds – Normally found on a tasty bagel, they normally contain small traces of opiates that can be found in codeine. It normally takes at least 48 hours to clear out of your system.

So if you steer clear of these items, and actual drugs, then you’re golden. Are interested in learning more about the everyday items that can cause a failed drug test? Contact the experts at Choice DNA at 800-219-4362 today.

Benefits of a Court Admissible Paternity Test

While a simple DNA paternity test can be helpful, you might need a court admissible test in some situations. If you are considering a paternity DNA test, consider the benefits of a court admissible paternity test.

No Chance of Tampering

Gavel and Books in Court

Required for Legal and Court Purposes, Consider a Court Admissible Paternity Test

The primary difference between a personal DNA paternity test and a court admissible one is the presence of a third party or witness. Instead of a kit being mailed to you, it will be mailed to the third party, who will ship the samples after collection. This process removes the opportunity for an alleged father, child, or other party to tamper with the samples. While an at-home kit is often just as accurate, court require a more thorough approach. In some cases, you might want that additional level of assurance for yourself as well.

Results May be Used in Court

Even if you are not currently involved in a court case where a court admissible test is required, it may come up in the future. If you are going to pay for a personal test, it is not much more to upgrade. This way, you can keep the records for use in court, if you ever need them. While you might not anticipate problems, you cannot predict the future. An accurate, legal paternity test could be extremely valuable down the road.

The benefits of a court admissible paternity test are significant, and are absolutely critical if you are or think you might need to go to court. Call Choice DNA at 800-219-4362 to learn more about court admissible paternity testing today!

DNA Testing Myths: 4 Myths You Need To Know About

There are a number of reasons why DNA testing is essential. It can help with solving a crime, in the instance of a custody battle, or wanting information on your ancestry. With everything, there are a ton of myths associated with DNA testing; it’s important to get the facts straight in case you are wanting to use DNA testing services. Here are four DNA testing myths you need to know about.

DNA testing myths

Know What DNA Testing Myths Are True or False.

“You Have to Wait Until the Baby Is Born For Paternal DNA Testing.”

It actually can be done through Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), or Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) testing. NIPP is a good method because like the name says, it’s non-invasive; with a blood test, parents are able to find out who the father is.

“Have To Give A Blood Sample For DNA Testing”

This is a DNA testing myth that is not true. You can use blood, hair, and other fluids for DNA testing. One of the most popular methods being a cheek swab, which is fast and painless.

“DNA Testing Isn’t Accurate”

While at-home DNA testing kits are not accurate, DNA testing that is done at an AABB Accredited or is ACLASS accredited testing center, then testing is completely accurate.

“It’s Too Expensive To Get DNA Testing”

When it comes to court cases involving crimes, child custody, or paternity, yes, the DNA tests might be a little more expensive. However, there are at-home DNA testing kits that are pretty affordable.

If you are looking for DNA testing services, call Choice DNA Testing at 800-219-4362 today.


Paternity Test: 6 Situations Where A Paternity Test Is Necessary

While getting a paternity test can give you a lot of relief and knowledge, there are other reasons that paternity testing is necessary. Whether it be for a legal reason or to gain peace of mind, there are many reasons to get testing done. Here are four situations where a paternity test is completely necessary.

6 Reasons To Get A Paternity Test


Child Support

Child support is one of the top reasons paternity testing is necessary. If you are unsure of who the father is or need to prove someone is the father of your child, paternity testing is a necessary step to get child support payments.

Custody Of A Child

When a father wants to have custody of his child, he might have to undergo a paternity test to determine if he is the biological father.


A  test in regards to immigration is necessary when there is no legal documentation like a birth certificate is unavailable.


If you were adopted and want to know more about your biological family testing is a great way to go. It can also help when you need personal information in regards to immigration, inheritance, etc.


Sometimes it is unknown who legally receives an inheritance and DNA testing can help establish who is a rightful heir.

Social Security or Life Insurance

Both go hand in hand with inheritance as you need proof of paternity if the father has passed away.

If you are in need of paternity testing or you would like other DNA testing services, give Choice DNA testing a call at 800-219-4362 today. We will help you whether you need prenatal testing or infidelity lab testing services.