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Family Relationship DNA Testing Services - Siblingship, Auntvacular, Grandparentage etc.

Siblingship Test - 5 Working Days To Complete. $450

A siblingship test is a DNA test conducted to determine if two children share one or both parents (i.e., if they are half or full siblings). It is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test. Results of a siblingship test may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims.

A siblingship test starts with the analysis of known relatives:

Sibling 1 and Sibling 2 do not share the same mother and they want to find out if they share the same biological father—in this situation, a half siblingship test is performed.

Sibling 1 and Sibling 2 share the same biological mother but are unsure if they share the same biological father—in this situation, a full siblingship test is performed.

In the test, the siblings’ DNA profiles are compared to see how much of their DNA could have come from a common father. Participation of the mother(s) is encouraged to help exclude the mother’s contribution to the children’s DNA. Siblingship tests require more analysis, and they could be more costly and take a longer time to complete without the mother’s participation.

PlatinumPlex™ is a unique STR marker panel developed by DDC to help resolve complex family relationship cases, like the siblingship test. Most standard paternity situations can be resolved with a standard panel of 16 STR markers. In the cases of siblingship studies, it's often benefitial to run additional markers to help produce a more definitive answer. DDC's PlatinumPlex™ provides results that are over 1,000 times more powerful than the standard 16 marker test.


Choice DNA will run the PlatinumPlex™ panel for an additional $100 in a siblingship study.


If you want to ensure the PlatinumPlex™ panel is included at the initiation of your case, please speak to one of our DNA Experts to discuss your situation and we can ensure that you get the right test, with the right DNA marker panels, delivering the most accurate results.

 DDC is the laboratory used to complete this testing.

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