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Choice DNA Laboratories

Choice DNA, provides DNA casework and validation services for federal, state and local crime laboratories and assists Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases. Choice DNA concentrates on providing services in criminal and missing person cases. Its test offerings include: STR Analysis and Y-STR Analysis; comprehensive biology screening; full serology testing (including blood, semen and saliva identification); DNA case consultation; expert testimony; and validation services.

Choice DNA currently offers DNA testing services and high-throughput DNA purification, genotyping and sequencing services to pharmaceutical, government, biotech, academic and other industry partners. The company is dedicated to it's success and continually proves to be working toward a leadership role in the biotech industry. Choice DNA Laboratory maintains highly reliable DNA testing services and expands on it's genotyping and sequencing expertise through continually developing new applications involving distant biological relationship test, DNA genalogy services and population assessment applications.  

World Class Technology

General Information
PCR analysis of short tandem repeat (STR) loci is the most advanced technology currently available for DNA paternity testing. It can conclusively determine parentage and non-parentage. Using this technique, non-parentage can now be stated as 0% and positive parentage can now be reported with a minimum of 10000 CPI = greater than 99.99% (CPI 100 and above is acceptable for court use in the US and Canada; older techniques previously provided an average CPI of 100 to 500). The current technology for DNA testing involves polymerase chain reaction amplification and fluorescence detection of STR loci.

Determination of parentage for child support, child custody, legal proceedings, immigration, Vital Statistics (birth certificates), health conditions, and for personal knowledge.

Age Limit
DNA testing can be performed on patients at any age (including prenatal). Testing can also be performed before birth using chorionic villus samples or amniotic fluid samples.

Length of Time for Testing
Results are generally available 2 to 3 days after sample collection. This time is expedited for affiliate partners. Tests involving buccal swab samples, chorionic villus and amniotic fluid require an extra 24 hours.

Reporting of Results
All reports will provide the entire genetic profile for each individual tested. An interpretation of the result is provided in the form of a legal document which is recognized by American Association of Blood Banks and validated for court use throughout North America. An additional report with explanation of the results in layman's term will also be provide to the patient. Copies of results will be forwarded to the physician and legal counsel upon request.

Become a Choice DNA Affiliate and make quality DNA testing accessible to your community, customers, and patients!

Top Reasons Why Affiliates Choose Choice DNA Laboratory:

  1. Training webinars and seminars
  2. Web page at ChoiceDNA.comas a DNA Network member, which displays your personal credentials and profile (example:
  3. Ability to accept credit cards payments
  4. Ability to receive client results via fax, email and US mail at no charge
  5. Choice DNA phone number and extension
  6. DNA Sample Collection Kits
  7. Back-end question and support center
  8. DNA Testing client leads for your local or working area
  9. Training on setting up accounts with court systems, doctors, attorneys and other independent collection facilities
  10. Choice DNA email account (example:
  11. We help with posters and brochures used to display within the community at court houses, doctor and attorney offices
  12. We prepay the shipping cost to have your collected samples sent back to us
  13. Each case is tested twice for verification
  14. Competitive pricing – call to inquire now!
  15. The most comprehensive testing panels available for complex family relationships
  16. Advanced DNA testing technology for efficient, error-free processing
  17. Fast results available electronically within three days of laboratory receipt of samples
  18. Convenient, at-home cheek swab collection options
  19. Worldwide specimen collection available for Immigration cases
  20. Accessible support representatives
  21. ISO 17025 & AABB accredited services
  22. Accurate results: > 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions
  23. Commercial client, doctor & attorney leads for your working area
  24. Great residual income from each doctor & attorney account you set up
  25. Two day results
  26. Anyone in your office can perform the collection, NO additional certifications needed

Exceptional Support

As an affiliate, you will be assigned an account manager who is especially trained in all aspects of our DNA testing services and can serve as your resource for technical knowledge as well as your case management point-of-contact. Remember, the affiliate program offers training, training and more training. We teach companies and individuals how to have a successful company and/or career in the forensic industry!



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Affiliates are able to access their case information 24/7 through a secure and interactive website created exclusively for partners. Submit cases, check case status, and access other laboratory resources to enable you to provide real-time service to your clients.

Free and Convenient Supplies

We will supply you with everything you need to process your cases. You'll receive a set number of sample collection kits and shipping materials.

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